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Grammarly - Part of the Writing Process

Currently Grammarly only supports the English language, so it is not useful in editing content in Spanish Language or other classes that students may want to practice writing in a different language. Also, as a Google Chrome extension, Grammarly wants access to all the different extensions and websites on the computer, so be cautious with students as it is great to use on their website, but not something I felt comfortable telling students to grant access to with the emails, etc. We just used the free subscription and it was good for obvious errors that students often miss (their vs. there, punctuation) so students could see common mistakes in spelling or grammar. In the era of the quick sound byte and 140 words or less, Grammarly is helpful in building student confidence with writing as it is a tool to help them see common mistakes and I always remind students with writing, it is a process, and even learning one new trick or tool each time is helpful as we are all lifelong writers.
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Thankful for the "extra set of eyes" on my writing!!

I have actually utilized Grammarly on this teacher review. Although I have relatively solid grammar skills, there are always little details that get overlooked when writing. The writing process is time-consuming, so I appreciate the extra "set of eyes" that Grammarly provides to me when writing. It offers little suggestions like "time-consuming" should be hyphenated. It could serve as an important tool to use in the classroom as a means of allowing students to "self learn" some skills.
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Amazing way to naturally improve your grammar

My overall opinion is that this program is great for teaching grammar in context. And while it teaches rules, it does not do so in a route memorization way, but a more organic way (the way most of us learned our first language).
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Helpful tool to make sure your writing is the best!

Grammarly is helpful and something that I as a teacher use every day. I like that Grammarly can be added to Google Chrome and automatically checks your writing--even if you're writing a simple email. Grammarly was a fun, engaging way for my students to proofread their writing. Some prefer having another peer or adult edit and revise, which is something you can still do in the classroom, but Grammarly is a quick and easy way to do one final check before moving to the publishing step of the writing process.
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Grammarly -- I'm in love

This app/site can give more instantaneous feedback than I can. Instead of wasting my time on correcting grammar, the students are able to really cut down on the mistakes BEFORE handing in. This allows me to focus on the content and really hone in on their writing styles and the structure. It saves me so much time, while still giving students the feedback they need to improve. It's an excellent way to analyze other people's writing, too. I have used it to do mini-lessons on common errors and issues in writing. Endless possibilities exist in this rather robust app.
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Great grammar check tool!

Cons: the paid subscription is expensive Pros: I personally think that this site works best for individual use with students. Great tool for teacher lead lessons to point out the importance of the writing process, grammar concepts, plagiarism and citations. There is a community driven forum that helps with questions and answers for user.Great for grammar concepts and explanations.
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