Great grammar check tool!

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Cons: the paid subscription is expensive
Pros: I personally think that this site works best for individual use with students. Great tool for teacher lead lessons to point out the importance of the writing process, grammar concepts, plagiarism and citations. There is a community driven forum that helps with questions and answers for user.Great for grammar concepts and explanations.

How I Use It

Grammarly is a website and application for grammar check, it is compatible with PC or Mac Platforms and it is user friendly . It can also be used as a browser extension, premium subscribers can also download an add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Grammarly is a website that helps writers improve their writing by proofread their work, creating an error-free publication. Although there is not auto correct, It helps you correct your grammar, punctuation, spelling and it also helps you enhancing your vocabulary skills and checking for plagiarism. It works like Google Docs, you go to your dashboard and you can start a new document, cut and paste it or upload your work, and then it allows you to edit it. The website also offers suggestions and tips as how to improve your writing base on critical issues the document may have and also suggesting revisions. The writer receives a score based on spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary, and plagiarism checking. The proofreading happens on real time, with pricing for a three-hour turnaround or 24-hour turnaround time. This is an ideal tool for ELA teachers and World languages teachers it allows them to review the writing process, putting emphasis on revision and editing to encourage students proofread their work and become familiar and experts on editing their work. It taps of 21st century digital skills by encouraging students to avoid plagiarism, use technology for education and to cite their sources. This website is best for students, writers, bloggers and professionals.