Grammarly - Part of the Writing Process

Submitted 3 years ago
April O.
April O.
National University Virtual High School
Chula Vista CA, US
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My Take

Currently Grammarly only supports the English language, so it is not useful in editing content in Spanish Language or other classes that students may want to practice writing in a different language. Also, as a Google Chrome extension, Grammarly wants access to all the different extensions and websites on the computer, so be cautious with students as it is great to use on their website, but not something I felt comfortable telling students to grant access to with the emails, etc. We just used the free subscription and it was good for obvious errors that students often miss (their vs. there, punctuation) so students could see common mistakes in spelling or grammar. In the era of the quick sound byte and 140 words or less, Grammarly is helpful in building student confidence with writing as it is a tool to help them see common mistakes and I always remind students with writing, it is a process, and even learning one new trick or tool each time is helpful as we are all lifelong writers.

How I Use It

Grammarly was used for students to review their work to ensure that for papers and larger assignments they were using academic language and grammar. It was easy to add to students' devices as a Google Chrome extension. Students do not love the writing process, and Grammarly was a low-stress way for students to check their own work.