Thankful for the "extra set of eyes" on my writing!!

Submitted 3 years ago
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I have actually utilized Grammarly on this teacher review. Although I have relatively solid grammar skills, there are always little details that get overlooked when writing. The writing process is time-consuming, so I appreciate the extra "set of eyes" that Grammarly provides to me when writing. It offers little suggestions like "time-consuming" should be hyphenated. It could serve as an important tool to use in the classroom as a means of allowing students to "self learn" some skills.

How I Use It

My students use Grammarly with each and every writing assignment. Providing immediate feedback to my students on an individual basis is quite time-consuming when there are 25 students in the class. When my students use Grammarly, they receive the immediate feedback they need for basic grammar skills. Since these skills are not considered higher-level thinking, I don't have to utilize valuable class time discussing the errors they are making in their writing. Students have less frustration and better production with their mechanics based on the feedback they receive.

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