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Submitted 6 years ago
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Grammarly is helpful and something that I as a teacher use every day. I like that Grammarly can be added to Google Chrome and automatically checks your writing--even if you're writing a simple email. Grammarly was a fun, engaging way for my students to proofread their writing. Some prefer having another peer or adult edit and revise, which is something you can still do in the classroom, but Grammarly is a quick and easy way to do one final check before moving to the publishing step of the writing process.

How I Use It

Grammarly is a wonderful, helpful tool that can be used throughout the writing process and for simple, daily writing tasks. Grammarly was first introduced to my students as they were working on writing an argumentative essay. As we were making our way through the writing process, my students were encouraged to use Grammarly for editing and revising purposes. While setting up their individual Grammarly account took a few minutes, it was fairly easy for my middle school students to navigate their way through the Grammarly interface. Most of my students copied and then pasted their essay into Grammarly. You also have the option to upload the document if you do not want to copy and paste. Students went line by line to accept or reject the Grammarly suggestions. Once students had made it to the end of their essay, they copied and pasted their edited essay back into their original Google document. The free version of Grammarly provides enough help for both students and adults to avoid making any basic grammatical or mechanical errors. Once students were introduced to Grammarly and had practiced with their essay, they were encouraged to use it for any writing task.