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Fun, Fast and Free

This is a great way to use technology and get the students involved in their learning from the first day of class. In the beginning it is an Augmentation level of SAMR since the students are learning from the QR codes by hearing the words that relate to the object. This lesson is then raised to the Modification level of SAMR when the students start creating their own QR Codes and recording their voices and pronouncing the words. The students are sharing this with each other in the classroom and with other classes of the same language as well as other students in the school that are using that classroom.
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Fun way to distribute information to the class.

It is very easy to make QR codes with the QR Droid. They can be saved multiple ways and attached to links for later use. Its a great way to flip the classroom and get students actively involved in their learning.
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Versatile tool that makes resources used in lessons portable.

I love using QR Codes. It is simple to use and I can not only make a QR Code from a URL, but I can also make a QR Code with content that I create. Students love it because they are portable, that is they can scan the QR Code and have the information with them in their device. No dragging home bulky books or loose papers. QR Codes are invaluable tools for blended learning and Flipped classrooms.
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Great tool for allowing students to access material at a later time.

This tool allows the teacher and opportunity to "flip" the classroom. This app scans barcodes. You can use this app with your phone or camera. This app works quickly and it is very effective. Great for sharing information with parents too!
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Simple QR creation and scanning

QR Droid provides a robust set of tools for both teachers and students. It can quickly and easily be implemented into a classroom with little effort on the part of either party. QR Droid can help make a classroom operate more efficiently in some regards, but would require all students to have some type of device to be able to use it for the most effect.
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Powerful and Fun Tool

This QR tool is easy to use so kids are able to access the information I present easily. We did have a few problems with the camera focusing onto the app but this may be a device issue and not an app issue. I love using QR codes in the classroom and this app is a great way to try it out!
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Great digital tool to show students how to scan qr codes

It is easy to download, it is free, and it is user friendly.
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