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Submitted 7 years ago
Kelly A.
Kelly A.
University High School
Morgantown WV, US
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This is a great way to use technology and get the students involved in their learning from the first day of class. In the beginning it is an Augmentation level of SAMR since the students are learning from the QR codes by hearing the words that relate to the object. This lesson is then raised to the Modification level of SAMR when the students start creating their own QR Codes and recording their voices and pronouncing the words. The students are sharing this with each other in the classroom and with other classes of the same language as well as other students in the school that are using that classroom.

How I Use It

In my Foreign Language classes the teachers created QR codes for basic objects in the classroom. Students could scan the objects and hear the word. This was an introductory lesson. Teacher created and student consumed. These are left up in the room as the students learn the language other QR codes are added so they can learn to say other objects. As the students progress through the class they are the creators of the QR codes that are posted in the room.