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Free, easy-to-use tool for both creating and reading QR codes

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Price: Free
Platforms: Android

Pros: Clean interface allows users to quickly and easily create, scan, and save QR codes.

Cons: Devices need auto-focus and a back camera for easiest functionality.

Bottom Line: QR scanners and creators are must-haves for tech-savvy classrooms, and this free app is an excellent choice for Android users.

QR codes can be used in any content area and for any audience. Teachers can use them to deliver back-to-school information to parents, to link to forms for parents to fill out online, to link to the teacher's email and website address, or to transmit text-based information. Teachers could even offer parents codes to save the teacher's contact information to their phones. Teachers can also use codes to help kids quickly and easily get information they want. Students could work individually or in small groups, scanning codes positioned in different corners of the classroom that lead them to online activities or information to explore, apps to play, or assignments to complete. Teachers could deliver calendar information -- like assignment checkpoints or due dates -- to students via a code. When students are comfortable using codes, they could incorporate them into their own work.

QR (Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional, machine-readable black-and-white images that, when scanned by a device, deliver information to that device. To generate a QR code with QR Droid, users choose the Create option from the menu, choose the type of destination (Web address, plain text, calendar event, local image, phone number, app, email, and so on), enter the details, and hit the green icon. The code appears on the device and can be projected onto a screen or saved on the device to be printed or shared. Text can be added using the edit option.

To scan a code, users choose the Scan option from the menu and point the device's camera at the code. The website, text, or information attached to the code automatically opens on the device and is saved to the device's history for easy reference.

In a device-friendly classroom, QR codes are essential. QR Droid's interface is visually clean and very simple to use, so teachers can quickly create codes that students can easily scan. Having both QR reader and creation options on the same device is super handy. The scanning function is very responsive on devices with auto-focus, so students will be able to quickly and easily scan codes and get to the information they want. It does work best on phones, which might not be available in most classrooms, so teachers may want to test several codes on students' devices to make sure they scan easily.

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The tool is purely functional and easy to use, both to create codes and to scan them. Teachers can use QR codes to get kids moving in a purposeful direction.


With QR codes, no time is wasted typing in incorrect Web addresses, as the code takes kids directly to the information they want. Kids are empowered to get to that information, but teachers can control how they get there.


Scanned codes are automatically saved to the device's history so kids can easily return to the information. As kids scan codes, tips are displayed to remind them to hold the device steady or to move closer or farther from the image.

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Amanda Bindel
Amanda Bindel Teacher

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Fun, Fast and Free

This is a great way to use technology and get the students involved in their learning from the first day of class. In the beginning it is an Augmentation level of SAMR since the students are learning from the QR codes by hearing the words that relate to the object. This lesson is then raised to the Modification level of SAMR when the students start creating their own QR Codes and recording their voices and pronouncing the words. The students are sharing this with each other in the classroom and with other classes of the same language as well as other students in the school that are using that classroom.

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