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Are you still using poster paper?

Doceri is a wonderful teaching tool. Gone are the days that I buy the expensive poster paper so student can rewrite their problems in large print so the whole class can see it. I have my students work in groups or 2 or 3 and display their problem up on the teacher screen while they explain how they solved it.
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Excellent: and the non-text feature, you can copy and paste text from a text box in PP or Word. Problem solved.

I like it a lot. It frees me from sitting behind a desk or stuck to the smartboard. I can move around the room, and I can switch between Doceri and Nearpod as I am attempting to do. The non-text part that people put as a con simply means they have yet to try copy & paste. I can write text in either word or PP (typing or voice to text) and then copy and paste any text I want into Doceri. I also create equations in word, snap the equation (as a picture) and then place them in doceri. I only handwrite the solutions (showing work) and nothing else. It is much more versatile then people give it credit for.
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Great to use to explain a work of art

I felt this was a useful app because I teach seven sections of three different grade levels. This app allows me to create content I can use over and over so I am not personally repeating myself for all classes. The content / vocabulary is the same each time.
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Easy way to flip your classroom

Doceri is a must for teaching in the 21st century..As families look for more flexible school options, it is imperative that we as teachers can offer our lessons in a way that meet the needs of our learners and their families. I've seen Doceri used to capture exactly what happens in the classroom for students who are out sick, out for field trips or performances and for students who simply need to hear the material presented again. The lessons can also be edited later if necessary. Doceri makes it easy to move around the classroom freely while capturing notes, presentations, questions and answers. I once saw a teacher use it from the front of the room controlling her computer that was in the back of the room and the recording picked up her voice clearly, picked up sounds from the computer clearly, and picked up student questions from around the room. You simply load the app on your iPad and then load the desktop software piece on your computer. It takes just a few minutes to get set up and by simply pressing record you are on your way to providing your students and others with an easy way to learn content whenever and wherever they choose.
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A great iPad app for instructional use and student presentations.

For teachers that use iPads, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, a teacher will need to have a document camera to show all screen options and interfaces if they plan to instruct students how to use the application because the applications tools are not projected when an iPad is connected to a projector. I like the application because it has many helpful features, such as creating start and stop points, changing the time/pacing of a presentation, direct play-back, in applications audio recording, direct docerit-video drag an drop option to your email or Youtube account, intuitive new slide creation (similar to PowerPoint or Google Presentation/Slides), the ability to change slide back ground to graph paper (for math), the ability to insert pictures from your iPad's photo gallery, image resizing and duplication, and settings for multiple pen/brush styles and colors for faster on-hand presentation and direct instruction tools (including changing transparency for highlighting readings, ideas, and vocabulary).
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Leave your desk, not your computer.

For anyone who feels tethered to a desktop, this is a great way to get you moving around the room. With better proximity to students, you are better able to monitor their engagement and redirect off-task behavior. Overall, I think it was intuitive and easy to get started. With additional practice and experimentation I think most technology users would feel comfortable using it on a daily basis. I use a splitscreen in my classroom so I can multi-task. For example, I can display a warm-up problem on my projector screen while taking roll on my monitor screen. The Doceri software allowed me to choose which screen I was controlling; however, it only allowed me to use the annotation features on my primary monitor. This was the only real downside I could find, but since most teachers run their projectors off a single display it doesn't seem like much of an issue.
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A must in my classroom, and any other "techie" teacher classrooms

This is a great product for teachers who want to be able to have the freedom of a Smartboard, but know the districts won't be installing them anytime soon. Between the presentation mode and whiteboard mode, my students have become more involved with the course curriculum, because they can manipulate the controls (teacher iPad) and annotate important concepts from day to day. A must have for me!
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Couldn't teach without Doceri!

I love Doceri! I have been using Doceri for the last few years and it has changed how I present content to my students, review concepts with them, and given them a new method of presentation. As an app it is easy to use and serves many purposes.
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Great way to facilitate instruction!

Doceri provides a great way to facilitate instruction. It's intuitive to use, so there's not much of a learning curve to get started. If you're looking for an easy way to provide more flow to your instruction and classroom management, you might consider using Doceri.
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Connect your iPad to your IWB

This took some time to get set up on our school network. You will need to get your IT people involved to help make sure the set up works. It does take some time and practice to work efficiently with the app on your iPad. It is great to be able to view what is on your IWB screen on your iPad while moving around the room.
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