Excellent: and the non-text feature, you can copy and paste text from a text box in PP or Word. Problem solved.

Submitted 6 years ago
Anna B.
Anna B.
Mohave High School
Bullhead City AZ, US
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My Take

I like it a lot. It frees me from sitting behind a desk or stuck to the smartboard. I can move around the room, and I can switch between Doceri and Nearpod as I am attempting to do. The non-text part that people put as a con simply means they have yet to try copy & paste. I can write text in either word or PP (typing or voice to text) and then copy and paste any text I want into Doceri. I also create equations in word, snap the equation (as a picture) and then place them in doceri. I only handwrite the solutions (showing work) and nothing else. It is much more versatile then people give it credit for.

How I Use It

I use this to create lessons, create videos of my lessons, and to be able to freely walk around the room and still write on the board (projector/smartboard). I am still working on integrating it with Nearpod, which it works great for making mini-videos and then putting them in a Nearpod lesson for students to access alone or during class.