A must in my classroom, and any other "techie" teacher classrooms

Submitted 8 years ago
Jim P.
Jim P.
Melvindale High School
Melvindale MI, US
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My Take

This is a great product for teachers who want to be able to have the freedom of a Smartboard, but know the districts won't be installing them anytime soon. Between the presentation mode and whiteboard mode, my students have become more involved with the course curriculum, because they can manipulate the controls (teacher iPad) and annotate important concepts from day to day.

A must have for me!

How I Use It

Everyday this product is synced up with my iPad/school wifi, and used throughout my courses. Hook up is simple, and within seconds this app can make any teacher a mobile presenter. No more standing in one spot, or having students control slides. This has allowed me to make sure that ALL of my students are paying attention by not tethering myself to my desktop station.