A great iPad app for instructional use and student presentations.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

For teachers that use iPads, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, a teacher will need to have a document camera to show all screen options and interfaces if they plan to instruct students how to use the application because the applications tools are not projected when an iPad is connected to a projector. I like the application because it has many helpful features, such as creating start and stop points, changing the time/pacing of a presentation, direct play-back, in applications audio recording, direct docerit-video drag an drop option to your email or Youtube account, intuitive new slide creation (similar to PowerPoint or Google Presentation/Slides), the ability to change slide back ground to graph paper (for math), the ability to insert pictures from your iPad's photo gallery, image resizing and duplication, and settings for multiple pen/brush styles and colors for faster on-hand presentation and direct instruction tools (including changing transparency for highlighting readings, ideas, and vocabulary).

How I Use It

I have used Doceri since August 2012. Since that time I have used the application in the following ways: direct instruction (as a digital whiteboard), pre-recorded instructions, as a video creator, and for student generated presentations.
I have used it in the following content areas: social studies (front-loading information, drawing story boards, and summarizing of topics), mathematics (explaining algebraic and geometric vocabulary, concepts, procedures, and formulas), and CAHSEE prep in ELA (modeling how to annotate texts).