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Simple tool for digital storytelling!

I use Skitch a lot personally to annotate photos. With some teacher support, I think Skitch could be used with younger students as well. I could imagine taking photos during a nature walk and then annotating them with information and observations. I could also imagine using Skitch as a teacher for data collection and observations. If you see something cool happening, snap a photo, type a note, and save it for the student's portfolio. I think that the possibilities for educational application and student creativity are nearly endless with this app.
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Engaging tool for identifing simple and complex machines in our environment.

I think the thing that made this project different is that the students had to "locate" the simple and complex machines in their own environment. It was interesting to watch them process as they considered the best places to look. It seemed to have transformed the subject into one of inquiry, rather than "spoon-fed" information. The lesson empowered students and the app helped to create an analyzing and identifying environment.
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Skitch is a fun, easy to use way to annotate images, graphics, and more for students of all ages.

Skitch is an essential app on our iPads. Its singular focus makes it a quick, easy to use choice for annotation. Other apps do more but Skitch's simple approach makes it easy for users of all levels at our elementary school. If you are looking for more then Explain Everything or another app may be the better choice, but they may also have a higher learning curve.
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A tool to be used in all content areas and grade levels.

Skitch is a productivity App. It is designed so that a teacher has the freedom to create their own assignments and activities. The benefit of this is the App can be used throughout the school year and in all grades levels. The down side of such freedom is knowing where to get started. It would be helpful to have some sample projects and classroom activities to guide teachers when getting started with the App.
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One of the simplest yet most versatile tools out there!

I can't think of a tool I love more than Skitch. It has a simple interface so students can learn to use it quickly. "Can I do this in Skitch?" is a question I hear often -- students intuitively see the many possibilities of Skitch -- often before I do. Any note can be copies to the desktop as a jpg file and used anywhere an image can go. Notes can start with an image grab or download, a pdf, a web clipping, photo taken with the laptop camera or a blank canvas. Our science teachers love it for documenting and labeling lab set ups and experimental results.
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Radical Rhythm Review using Skitch!

I love Skitch and the kids really enjoy using it. It is a simple, user-friendly app that can be utilized for an entire lesson or in station rotations. I think Skitch is a great product. One thing that might enhance it's usability would be the addition of voice or audio recordings.
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Fun to use as an addition to your regular lesson.

I like the addition of this app to my class notes, but I find that there are not very many ways that you can use this product. If you teach art you could have students use this for a critique so that all the comments can be recorded.
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Great chance for creative note taking and visual presentations of student work.

Students are able to flex their creative muscles and get away from template designs like you would see in Powerpoint. It is important that students are well-versed in using creative-commons and avoiding copyright issues since Skitch's screenshot tool would allow them to capture photos they may not have permission to use. This, of course, presents an opportunity to teach copyright issues. I feel that Skitch is a great app for the classroom.
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I am a Collaborating teacher in my school and Skitch brought some fun to notes my classes.

This app seemed to help my students connect ideas with the creative designs of the notes. They definitively enjoyed showing their design and how it made theme elements flow in the sequence they experienced.
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Easy way to annotate and label images

I love this tool because it is quick and easy to learn, even for young students, and can be applied to almost any subject matter. It allows students to demonstrate their understanding through creating something. There are enough controls that you can do a lot of things with it, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming/distracting to students.
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