Skitch is a fun, easy to use way to annotate images, graphics, and more for students of all ages.

Submitted 8 years ago
Brad M.
Brad M.
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy - Upper School
Melbourne FL, US
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My Take

Skitch is an essential app on our iPads. Its singular focus makes it a quick, easy to use choice for annotation. Other apps do more but Skitch's simple approach makes it easy for users of all levels at our elementary school. If you are looking for more then Explain Everything or another app may be the better choice, but they may also have a higher learning curve.

How I Use It

Skitch is on all of our class sets of iPads. Early elementary students use it for tasks like circling the school on a map or identifying similar/different features of an image. Older students use it, combined with apps like iMovie, for labeling or highlighting photos and creating tutorials around the classrooms. I used it to make a tutorial on how to operate some of our audio/visual equipment (push this power button, change this setting, etc). It integrates nicely with the photo gallery on an ipad. It does requite some set up time for use with early elementary students. Pictures will need to loaded in advance and they may need help with saving.