Simple tool for digital storytelling!

Submitted 8 years ago
Jess L.
Jess L.
Melvin E Sine School
Glendale AZ, US
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I use Skitch a lot personally to annotate photos. With some teacher support, I think Skitch could be used with younger students as well. I could imagine taking photos during a nature walk and then annotating them with information and observations. I could also imagine using Skitch as a teacher for data collection and observations. If you see something cool happening, snap a photo, type a note, and save it for the student's portfolio. I think that the possibilities for educational application and student creativity are nearly endless with this app.

How I Use It

I learned about Skitch two years ago at a conference. The presenter suggested that Skitch would be a great app for Digital Storytelling. I completely agree from my experiences with the app! Though I haven't used this with my students (preschool students with autism), I anticipate that it would be highly motivating and interesting for students in the range 6-12 grade. Students could find images on the web or create their own scenes to create digital stories. The text of the story can be typed or handwritten directly onto the image. This would be an excellent technology tool for thinking because students could plan and create their stories with an engaging medium. In the case of this app, the technology enhances the storytelling and provides a means to do so that would not otherwise be possible.