A tool to be used in all content areas and grade levels.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lionel B.
Lionel B.
Director of Elementary School Computer Science Academics
K–12 district
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My Take

Skitch is a productivity App. It is designed so that a teacher has the freedom to create their own assignments and activities. The benefit of this is the App can be used throughout the school year and in all grades levels. The down side of such freedom is knowing where to get started. It would be helpful to have some sample projects and classroom activities to guide teachers when getting started with the App.

How I Use It

Skitch is one of the first Apps I suggest for all teachers using iPads in the classroom. It takes the basic idea of a whiteboard App and has added a number of great features. The primary activity that teachers use Skitch for is labeling an image or diagram. Students can annotate a photo, map, PDF or draw from a blank page. Teachers can provide specific content for students to work with or have them search the web independently. The versatility of the App allows it to be used frequently across all content areas. For example, students can search for an image or diagram of a plant cell. Students can then use arrows, text, markers or a pen tool to label the image. When completed the final product can be saved to the device or shared through other Apps.