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Science Never Seemed So Simple

I like how this app is set up and how engaging it is (which is most of the battle!!) It lets students explore, learn, and grow-though I would venture to say that this is not for younger students, though 3rd and up would have a great time!
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Activities and Project Ideas for Lost and Wandering Souls!

This site offers more than just project guides. It has tons of teacher resources, help for students who don't know where to start, step-by-step guidance on how to conduct a science project and a section where students can ask an expert if they encounter a problem or have an unanswered question.
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This is the site for students who say "I don't know what to do for my Science Fair Project". Students can find answers to all their questions about how to successully complete a project and have fun while you are doing it!

Science Buddies is a great addition to a teacher's list of resources for Science Fair Projects. It is a comprehensive guide that provides students with all the tools that are needed to generate an idea and complete the project. As far readability the site is designed for students grades 4 and up. Younger grades would need much help from teacher or parents. The resource guide for students, parents and teachers is comprehensive and user friendly. The idea generator and Ask an Expert feature is a bonus and offers students additional resources. One of the best features is the library of ideas that students can look through in order to generate their own idea. It is divided into domain areas which it easier to search and for the gamer lovers offers a Video & Computer Games section. Overall this is an excellent site that will help students complete Science Fair Projects. I did not like the Project Kit sales section, but other than that this site is one great resource for parent, students and teachers.
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Database of 1000+ science project ideas with excellent teacher resources

This outstanding website has replaced my extensive library of science project idea books as the main resource for my students. I especially like how the projects are categorized as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so my beginning students could be successful. The fully developed project ideas are clearly explained to students, with suggestions for how to make the project their own. One caution about the site is students are prone to plagiarize the procedures, unless they are taught how to give credit and/or write their own project based on the examples. One of the best features of this website is how it hooks up students with both scientists in the field and possible careers. Students can click on the "Ask an Expert" button and email specific questions, and the response is prompt. All in all, Science Buddies is a terrific support for teaching the scientific method.
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Great tool for help finding a science project

This site is an excellent way for students to begin a science project and stay organized at every stage of the process. In addition to project information, students can also find out how others did with similar projects through reviews and pictures. By joining the Science Buddies community, students can vote on projects submitted by other members, review a project that they've done, and participate in other opportunities to benefit the site. This can help students see how their input is valued and help make the site better in the future for themselves and others.
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Great tool for Science fair projects!

This is a great site and would recommend using it in the classroom. I like how it shows various project ideas and gives various projects based on level of difficulty. I also like that they offer a guide to help students work through the scientific method. They also have a section based on the various careers in the scientific field. It is a fantastic site and would work for all age levels and abilities.
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Easy Science Fun!

Overall I love this site. It offers a wide variety of ideas, support and knowledge for students and teachers. It is a great support for science fair projects as if offers well over a hundred different ideas with a step-by-step guide. It's also free and available to anyone out there. It offers a section to ask for support from experts and allows students the chance to explore science careers as well. One negative would be that there is a lot of knowledge there and you need to take the time to explore and not expect to jump in and out quickly.
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This website offers students experts & resources to guide them in relevant science projects

As a teacher and parent, I was pleased with the experts showcased on this website. The guides and examples of science projects are resources I would recommend as a starting place and also to expand students' science educational studies and future careers.
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Ideas for Students/Parents

Students and parents use this website to help with Science experiments, reports, or Science Fair projects. My students found this website very useful. When getting ready for our school science fair I did a whole class review using this website. We reviewed the scientific process and then discussed each tab on the website. I had students break into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas about their own project.
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Great website for STEM career exploration

I lover the Career section tab for a weekly look at STEM careers.
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