Great tool for Science fair projects!

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is a great site and would recommend using it in the classroom. I like how it shows various project ideas and gives various projects based on level of difficulty. I also like that they offer a guide to help students work through the scientific method. They also have a section based on the various careers in the scientific field. It is a fantastic site and would work for all age levels and abilities.

How I Use It

This site would be a great asset for classrooms/schools who do science fair projects. Students can log on and get ideas for their project. Teachers can help students by showing them how to navigate through the site and pick a project that is geared towards their level and ability. The projects are organized by topic and level of difficulty. Teachers can also use this site if they were interested in doing a unit on careers in the science field. This site has a section with a number of careers and students can use it to create projects.