This is the site for students who say "I don't know what to do for my Science Fair Project". Students can find answers to all their questions about how to successully complete a project and have fun while you are doing it!

Submitted 8 years ago
Linda W.
Linda W.
Wareham Middle School
Wareham MA, US
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Science Buddies is a great addition to a teacher's list of resources for Science Fair Projects. It is a comprehensive guide that provides students with all the tools that are needed to generate an idea and complete the project. As far readability the site is designed for students grades 4 and up. Younger grades would need much help from teacher or parents. The resource guide for students, parents and teachers is comprehensive and user friendly. The idea generator and Ask an Expert feature is a bonus and offers students additional resources. One of the best features is the library of ideas that students can look through in order to generate their own idea. It is divided into domain areas which it easier to search and for the gamer lovers offers a Video & Computer Games section. Overall this is an excellent site that will help students complete Science Fair Projects. I did not like the Project Kit sales section, but other than that this site is one great resource for parent, students and teachers.

How I Use It

This site offers a multitude of resources for students and parents as they search for Science Fair project ideas. The Help Me Find a Project topic selection wizard is a great feature for students that have no idea on how to start the process. It helps the students get started after answering a few questions and engages them in the decision making process rather than students picking any project just to get it done. The Ask an Expert feature is great and helps students to take ownership of their learning by getting answers to their questions. The best feature by far is the Science Fair Project Guide which takes students through the entire process from developing questions to communicating their results. This is a great digital guide that can accessed by parents when they help their child at home. The one feature that I was not happy to see was the sale of Project Kits. If the idea is to help students generate an idea and follow through with a project then Project Kits can be seen as an easy solution to a Science Fair Project. This is countered by excellent resources for parents and many simple projects that families can do at home. Definitely a winning site for every students that will complete a Science Fair Project and needs a step by step guide.