Ideas for Students/Parents

Submitted 9 years ago
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Students and parents use this website to help with Science experiments, reports, or Science Fair projects. My students found this website very useful. When getting ready for our school science fair I did a whole class review using this website. We reviewed the scientific process and then discussed each tab on the website. I had students break into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas about their own project.

How I Use It

Students get an opportunity to choose a project to complete. Students use this website to help them throughout the project. I like the Teacher Resources. You do need to create a free account to get the downloads. I use these to give information to students and parents. I can also print out information to use in the classroom. After using Science Buddies in the classroom I send home a project report guideline for parents to use in helping their students with their project. This guideline includes how to use the website and outlines what should be included in their child's project. Parents have commented that this was very helpful.