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Great App for Visual Engagement

This app was user-friendly. Although I have not yet used it in a classroom, I believe that students will be engaged.
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Great Visual Aid for History Lessons

Comic Life is a really awesome app, especially because I want to be a history teacher, it could be useful for me to make some of the less interesting topics in history more interesting. You can turn a lesson into a comic strip and make the content come to life. Depicting historical heroes as comic book heroes can help switch it up from the traditional textbook lesson plans. You have to sign up for a paid subscription but it is free to try.
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Great Motivation for Kids

I enjoy using Comic Life and would definitely try it again.
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Great tool to share learned facts about non-fiction subjects, books read, and personal projects!

Comic LIfe was user-friendly and all of my students were engaged and successful. The fonts and format options were not difficult to learn and I appreciated the variety of templates.
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Great Way For Creating Digital Comics!

I like this app as a teaching tool. I think it allows for student creativity and project-based learning. Sharing features include facebook, twitter, mail and photo library. The app is dynamic and can be used across curriculum. The students have fun creating their comics and are engaged in their work.
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Comic Life is a fun tool for students that has many uses beyond simply making comics.

I am a huge fan of Comic Life. I have it on my students' computers, my school computer, my personal computer and my iPad. Once you understand the power of Comic Life you will find lots of opportunities to use it ways you did not anticipate when you purchased it. The only suggestions I would make to Plasq (the company behind Comic Life) is to offer more templates in the future.
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Good way to create comic strips.

The ability to tell stories through comics or storyboards can be done in other, free, ways. This app is very smooth and easy to use, which is awesome, but the same educational experience can happen with other comic creation tools.
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Creative, simple and fun for students.

In my opinion, this is a terrific app to introduce students on how easy it is to use technology to create something useful and graphic. The students are having fun using the technology and the teacher receives an end product that displays their understanding of what they have learned about the subject. I will use this again in the future for other subject areas. One area that could be improved is the number of options for editing or templates available. I am going to attempt having the students try to create a multi paged comic the will tell a more detailed story. They will use a storyboard template to plan and then use this app to create it. I hope to be able to find a way to combine the pages they create into a booklet.
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Comic Life creates passionate story-writers!

My students want to write historical graphic novels - non-fiction really. The only problem I've encountered is that you have to plan extra time, not because of the Comic Life program, but because of the complexities of the actual writing process. Students have to have time to develop their characters and plot lines. Once engaged, they find it hard to stop. I end up shooing them out of class! I just love that!
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Great for app smashing! Bring in photos from camera roll created on other apps.

It is one of my go to apps for 3-5th graders. Can us it for any subject, at any point in the learning process. Introduce a topic with a comic, practice, or show what you have learned. Save as a PDF to share with others. It is highly engaging, kids and their teacher love it.
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