Comic Life is a fun tool for students that has many uses beyond simply making comics.

Submitted 8 years ago
Kris H.
Kris H.
Instructional Technology Specialist
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My Take

I am a huge fan of Comic Life. I have it on my students' computers, my school computer, my personal computer and my iPad. Once you understand the power of Comic Life you will find lots of opportunities to use it ways you did not anticipate when you purchased it. The only suggestions I would make to Plasq (the company behind Comic Life) is to offer more templates in the future.

How I Use It

Comic Life is currently in it's third version. I have used Comic Life with students in the obvious way of having them create a "traditional" comic and it was generally easy for them to pick up and the results were very professional-looking. The students have quite a few choices with templates, fonts, and other elements associated with comics. Where Comic Life really exceeds expectations is when it comes to flexibility. I have used Comic Life and the iPad version of Comic Life to create an print full size posters that looked amazing! Additionally our students who produce our schools morning news program regularly use Comic Life to quickly create graphics because of the ease of use. Students don't have to learn Photoshop, nor do we need to buy Photoshop for our students to create professional-looking graphics. If you are a more advanced user you will appreciate that you can create an .png in Comic Life with a transparent background that can easily be added into most video editors.