Comic Life creates passionate story-writers!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My students want to write historical graphic novels - non-fiction really. The only problem I've encountered is that you have to plan extra time, not because of the Comic Life program, but because of the complexities of the actual writing process. Students have to have time to develop their characters and plot lines. Once engaged, they find it hard to stop. I end up shooing them out of class! I just love that!

How I Use It

Comic Life is fabulous! I use it to teach non-fiction writing in social studies. My students write a story based on historical fact. They research a topic, find facts on historical figures, develop a storyboard based on a timeline of the actual event, find copyright free images and then add sounds through onomatopoeia. The process is time-consuming, but one that my students always want to resume. I embed their graphic novels on the class wikispace using Youblisher so they can turn the pages. See evidence of student learning on my wikiispaces -