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Best Games, Apps, and Sites for Personalized Learning

When learning isn't attentive to each student's needs, many are likely to check out, either bored and unchallenged or unable to keep up. These great personalized learning tools help teachers put each student first, letting individual interests, abilities, and goals drive learning. They range from subject-specific tools for math and ELA that adjust to students' needs to teacher-focused tools that aid personalized learning design and instruction.

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Goalbook Toolkit

Set tailored targets with pricey but worth-it kit of tools, strategies

Bottom line: You pay for quality with Goalbook Toolkit, including access to clear, well-crafted learning goals and strategies that allow for far easier differentiation.

Articulation Station

Pricey but definitely worth it for kids struggling with pronunciation

Bottom line: For helping students with letter and word pronunciation, this highly valuable tool is worth the cost.

Redbird Mathematics

Excellent adaptive math for flipped or blended classrooms

Bottom line: If you're looking for courseware for your classroom, this is based on solid research and proven technology.


Track progress, play games with standards-aligned multi-subject lessons

Bottom line: Use these standards-based lessons to promote independent, self-driven learning and monitor student growth, but avoid over-reliance on them.


LMS offers tangible options to differentiate learning

Bottom line: An excellent option for monitoring individual progress toward goals, but teachers will need to be deliberate when selecting and assigning content.


Digital worksheet builder lets students show learning in multiple ways

Bottom line: Students will appreciate this 21st-century take on worksheets, and teachers will love all the different options for creation and assessment.

CAST UDL Book Builder

Sensitively designed so any student can write and share books

Bottom line: CAST UDL Book Builder is an excellent resource to get kids started on digital content creation; it's simple and straightforward and caters to a variety of learning styles.

Mindprint Learning

Expert feedback and tools designed for individual learner profiles

Bottom line: This impressive tool uses normed digital assessments to create a specific learning profile and provide authentic tools for individual learners.


Superb real-time assessment tool a fit for 1-to-1, BYOD classrooms

Bottom line: Cleverly designed for teachers, Formative offers a flexible and attractive solution for gathering a variety of student response types and offering individualized feedback.


Leveling and quests turn classes into personalized adventures

Bottom line: A ready-to-go platform for introducing game-based learning principles into assessment and class structure, but success and engagement depend on solid class content.

Actively Learn

Empowering social ereader keeps kids actively, independently engaged

Bottom line: Far beyond the average ereader, this tool helps students connect and stay engaged while teachers easily measure progress.


Adaptive instructional site simplifies lessons, tracks progress

Bottom line: Useful adaptive-learning site is limited in scope and sequence but should improve with time.


Personalized, step-by-step math coaching challenges and adapts

Bottom line: A solid, adaptive curriculum that guides kids as they work out problems.


Great how-to content, flexible features boost digital badge tool

Bottom line: A useful tool for issuing digital badges.


Ever-growing, free courses cement learning in six languages

Bottom line: Sparkling, holistic learning for five traditional European languages plus English.


Boost math skills with personalized learning, targeted lesson support

Bottom line: With adaptive features and solid support, it's a fantastic tool to support your instruction.

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