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Pros: Huge library of questions. Assignments have flexible due dates. Students get answer explanations and can show work.

Cons: The worksheets, while usefully interactive, offer standard math homework questions. Free version is lacking.

Bottom Line: This is a handy tool math teachers can use to reinforce learning with great feedback for students and teachers.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Edia is an online worksheet generator that provides teachers with feedback on how their students are doing. The free version of the site has access to a huge database of questions for everything from middle school to high school math. Paid accounts have access to other resources and additional reporting tools. 

The site is most useful for reinforcing and testing what students learn in class. Questions on different topics can be assigned to the whole class (or individual students, on a paid account), either as assignments for them to practice or as quizzes that are marked (and you can decide how many times a student can submit an answer as well). One of the most impressive features of Edia is that it allows space for students to show their work vs. just inputting the answer. It also has a built-in math function generator so that students can clearly explain their work. This helps teachers see how a student not only answered but also arrived at their answer. On the student side of things, they get detailed explanations for any incorrect answers, including links to video explainers. 

One of the nicer elements of Edia is that it has flexible due date requirements. Teachers can assign a quiz or assignment to start and end on a certain date, and then provide some wiggle room for students, including late submissions. Edia also has anti-cheating/anti-equation reading elements built right into it, and the printable worksheets let teachers create a different set of questions for each student. The paid account unlocks this for online questions as well.

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The worksheets are well laid out and provide plenty of explanations for incorrect responses. There's not a lot of room for students to explore beyond the preset materials, though.


Learning is solid if not transformative. Interactive worksheets reinforce skills learned in class. Teachers get data on student progress.


Students get instant feedback and explanations. Free accounts lack additional materials. 

Common Sense reviewer
Pamela Brittain
Pamela Brittain Academic Coordinator K - 12

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