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Pros: Minimalist design, multiple charts, and a multi-mode curriculum help educators better understand their students.

Cons: The amount of data and options can be overwhelming at first glance without supportive training.

Bottom Line: For educators who have the time, drive, and buy-in, this program is a great data-analysis and character-development tool.

Teachers can use Pairin in their classrooms or in professional learning communities. Using an in-service meeting to collaborate with school counselors and other character-education professionals could help boost professional development. Logging into the teacher dashboard quickly shows the overall perceived climate of the teacher's classroom based on student responses. Once staff log into the dashboard, they can drill down further into class-wide or individual student data to inform instruction or promote a positive classroom culture.

Staff can also use formative assessment and survey data to form character-education groups or additional extracurriculars focused on soft skills needed in the workplace and beyond. Encourage civic engagement or leadership activities by using the tips Pairin provides to start meaningful conversations between staff and students. Feel free to bring the multiple-page reports to parent-teacher conferences or academic- and career-planning meetings to discuss and build on student strengths. 

Pairin is a survey-database and visual-representation program that allows for all-in-one access both to survey scores and to lessons for survey sub-skills. First Pairin asks students to complete a 15- to 20-minute survey that can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The survey measures 105 soft-skill personality attributes by asking participants to choose between a "yes" or a "no" if the stated trait applies to them. Students and teachers then have access to insights and tips based on each personality attribute. Staff can then drill down to learn more about their students and where they rank on certain personality targets.

The Pairin platform shows you where a class or student scores in comparison with the overall expected or desired range, represented by an orange bar on the number line, which helps educators see the gaps between where students are versus where they're expected to be to demonstrate proficiency. This can inform instruction to teach to the specific skill. Pairin also provides a 55-skill curriculum with over 300 lessons that can either be teacher-led or completed individually in online modules. Finally, Pairin provides useful tips and hints for both the student and the teacher and even provides sample open-ended questions that staff can use to spark meaningful conversations about character traits.

Pairin is wonderful in its ability to represent very targeted and specific data. It not only provides insight and reflection for students but also for staff, as they can teach directly to underdeveloped skills. Students who have little interest in taking the survey may scroll through the questions with little accuracy, so it's important to encourage valid answers. Since the survey is relatively short and can be administered multiple times per year, the sensitivity to student change shows the progress students make in certain skill areas. This allows for ongoing personal development from both the student and staff end to encourage a collaborative and mentor-like relationship.

While the amount of data and options of charts can be a bit overwhelming to the untrained eye, this resource is excellent for educators or districts who are looking to measure soft skills and help with character education and career planning.

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The easily accessible and visually appealing representation of student data will help teachers adapt their instruction and keep them coming back for more tips and tricks.


Personality traits and character education are the key components of this survey database, which help inform not only teachers but also students about their personal strengths.


This program offers an extensive onboarding process with person-centered support and provides accessible text and audio throughout the survey and online curriculum.

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Fantastic Product! I loved every minute of using it!

The only part that was a little rough on working with this program was the number of vocabulary words the kiddos had to go through. If you did not have a kiddo who was above an 8th great reading level it was a little difficult, so there was a little bit of explaining to kiddos to get them to the place they needed to be at. However once we got past that part students were very engaged in the process. I was able to get insights into my kiddos that I would not necessarily have been able to get without using the tool. It cut down on some of my learning curve time, so I could jump in and start moving the needed with kiddos.

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