Non biased Resources, Lessons and Information to teach History

Submitted 3 years ago
Michelle A.
Michelle A.
Media Specialist
Richard Montgomery High School
Rockville MD, US
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Zinn's site is outstanding, it provides, news reports, articles, even artistic speech on important topics. It makes history relevant to students in ways their textbooks do not. It does provide a LOT of information so a teacher would have a spend a little time sifting through the resources to find what they would like best. But this is invaluable. As an African American female teacher who worked for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s organization SCLC, it is important that all views are presented in history and in current civil rights struggles. Zinn brings Truth to Life.

How I Use It

I have referred educators to Zinn's website for more accurate information especially when teaching History and Current events. Zinn provides perspectives that often differ from standard textbooks. Zinn provides the perspective of minorities and marginalized groups. It also presents a view of history from all those who lived not just the majority perspective. The text is 8th grade and higher but it is offset by graphics, photos and videos. Excellent tool to introduce discussion.