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Non biased Resources, Lessons and Information to teach History

Zinn's site is outstanding, it provides, news reports, articles, even artistic speech on important topics. It makes history relevant to students in ways their textbooks do not. It does provide a LOT of information so a teacher would have a spend a little time sifting through the resources to find what they would like best. But this is invaluable. As an African American female teacher who worked for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s organization SCLC, it is important that all views are presented in history and in current civil rights struggles. Zinn brings Truth to Life.
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Very detailed lesson plans for social studies topics

Great lesson plans to complement social studies curriculum, such as: role playing the writing of the constitution, an art contest which uses primary sources to examine slavery, and an activity where students create a walking tour of slavery in their town/city. This is a great way to engage students in history!
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Great resources to support teaching A People's History

The materials have a focus on social justice. The Zinn Education Project site includes many lessons and activities for teachers. They can be easily found/searched in multiple ways (by topic, by time period, etc.). You have to register for the site, but materials are free and are available mostly in PDF format. There is a lot of support on the site-- a section to learn about why you should use Zinn's materials, a FAQ section, and a support section. The lesson are excellent, and can be easily adapted for use in different classrooms. If you are a Howard Zinn fan, or if you're looking to just be more inclusive in your curricular materials, this site will be very useful.
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A different view's beside's traditional history.

I believe this tool can be used a good secondary resource. Once you register there are great guided reading questions that help the students understand what they are learning. The information lets the students see a different side of history. However, the information for students has a tendency to be a little dry for students. In order to better engage students and their understanding of the subject, teachers must add their own spin on things to help make the information interesting and useful in the classroom. Overall a good website that could enhance many lessons.
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