A different view's beside's traditional history.

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I believe this tool can be used a good secondary resource. Once you register there are great guided reading questions that help the students understand what they are learning. The information lets the students see a different side of history. However, the information for students has a tendency to be a little dry for students. In order to better engage students and their understanding of the subject, teachers must add their own spin on things to help make the information interesting and useful in the classroom. Overall a good website that could enhance many lessons.

How I Use It

I used the Zinn education project to enhance my classroom. I use this website to help the students understand there is more to history that the black and white words that are printed in our text book. For example, many time students know that Christopher Columbus, in 1492 sailed the ocean blue and discovered a new world. However, many students do not realize he was a thief and a murderer. Zinn enables students to realize there is more than one side to every story. This website helps the students understand more about our past and helps them ask the more difficult questions that lead to a deeper understanding of what makes up our nation's past.