Wonder for Dash and Dot Robots

Serious robotics programming with seriously adorable robots

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Critical Thinking, Science

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Price: Free
Platforms: iPad, iPhone

Pros: Save programs to run directly from robots.

Cons: Takes quite a bit of practice to unlock abilities.

Bottom Line: It's the most challenging and versatile of the Dash and Dot apps and will keep engineering-savvy kids engaged.

Teachers can register for an account with Wonder Workshop and get access to a few free lesson plans or pay for a premium monthly account to access even more lesson plans for science, math, and ELA. The robots are incredibly human-like, so kids could write narratives incorporating the robots, describing the actions they're completing. Programs can be saved in-app, but they are all saved together and could be edited by other kids since there are no individual user accounts. Only one program can be transferred to the robots at a time, too, making multiple class presentations on one robot tricky.

Dash and Dot are a pair of robots that must be purchased to use with Wonder for Dash and Dot Robots. A suite of five apps can be used with the robots, with Wonder being one of the more advanced, sophisticated apps. The robots require a device with a Bluetooth connection and must be connected to the app each time kids play. With Wonder, kids can create their own routines for the robots to complete and save the routines for the robot to complete without the app, just by pressing a button on the robot.

Kids use a coding language to drag commands into order for Dash or Dot to complete. Kids complete puzzles to learn hands-on what the robots can do. As they complete the quests, memories telling the story of Dash and Dot's invention are unlocked along with different special abilities. Using commands to control lights, colors, sounds, motions, movements, and special effects, kids can make Dash or Dot complete all kinds of fun routines and save them to the robot so they can show off with the touch of a button.

This fun and kid-friendly introduction to robotics is absolutely adorable with Dash and Dot's darling personalities. The visual commands are easy to pick up on but are still challenging enough to engage older kids. With more than 300 puzzles plus the option for kids to make their own programs, the possibilities for creative and technical fun are endless. The best part of Wonder is the option to transfer a routine to the robot so it can run without the app -- kids just press the top button on the robot to run the program. Kids will have lots of others ways to customize programs by putting together different movements, sounds, and colors -- even by recording their own sound effect.

Kids can learn the logic and processes involved with robotics programming using this visual language. They'll choose the commands they want to use and drag them into place, connecting them in the order they'd like. They can incorporate conditional clauses (if I do this, then I do this) and looping (which truly is visually a loop on the screen) to their programs and customize sounds and movements. With Wonder, kids get to practice the commands they've learned through other Wonder Workshop apps or in Wonder's Scroll Quests to create their own programs and watch them run on the robots.

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With so many options for creating their own programs and the abundance of puzzles they can complete, kids won't easily get bored.


The Scroll Quest lets kids learn the Wonder programming language as they play, and then they can practice it in Free Play. If kids watch the video journal, they'll learn that Dash and Dot were created by a girl.


An on-screen hand guides kids, and hints are available, too. One program at a time can be uploaded to the robot, but other programs can be saved in-app.

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Amazingly Interactive

The Dash is an amazing product that helps teach students the basic fundamentals of coding. I liked how the Dash was interactive based on their code. The students were also able to complete the task cards assigned to them as an added challenge. The Dash help the students develop in coding and know that not completing the task card on the first try is ok. The students are learning that it is ok to make a mistake, look back on their work and try again.

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