Amazingly Interactive

Submitted 4 years ago
Amanda W.
Amanda W.
All Saints Academy
Winter Haven FL, US
My Rating

My Take

The Dash is an amazing product that helps teach students the basic fundamentals of coding. I liked how the Dash was interactive based on their code. The students were also able to complete the task cards assigned to them as an added challenge. The Dash help the students develop in coding and know that not completing the task card on the first try is ok. The students are learning that it is ok to make a mistake, look back on their work and try again.

How I Use It

The students are able to work individually or in small groups and they must be able to complete the task assigned to them with the task card. The students are challenged by what they have learned with code to complete the challenge. The assignment worked better in small groups since there is a limited number of Dashes at our school.