Video Creation and Editing for Students - Anywhere on Any Device!

Submitted 9 years ago
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WeVideo is a GREAT online video making tool that students can learn quickly and create excellent end products. The online "Web 2.0" nature of this tool cannot be overstated as a plus. With built in themes and multiple editor modes, the tool can go to very basic to more advanced depending on the age or sophistication of the users. Collaboration in real time is possible (in the paid Educational version) and even in the free version the content can be shared instead of messing around with uploading and downloading issues.

How I Use It

I have created simple WeVideos to demo to students how to create their own stories and to demonstrate their understanding of content. This can be a great way to "Check for Understanding" as a formative assessment or to be used as a culmunating project as a summative product as part of a portfolio of student work.