The Utter Awesomeness of Twitter

Submitted 8 years ago
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If a teacher is not on Twitter quite frankly they are behind. School districts that block it are behind. This is not only a great learning tool for teachers. It can also be a great tool for student engagement. IF YOU ARE NOT ON TWITTER PLEASE START!

How I Use It

Twitter is awesome for not only the teacher, but also the student. I of course use Twitter as my own personal PLN network. I have connected with many educators from across the country, and I am learning from most of them. Twitter is also a undervalued tool for the classroom. I was nervous to use it for student projects until this year, but this year I said lets do it. I started with a project in my history classes where students create an account for a historical figure and then they Tweet as that figure. This became the most popular choice of projects. It gave students historical perspective. I plan to expand this in allowing students to tweet as they were at the event live, blog as they were at the event live, do historical twitter interviews, and have historical conversations on Twitter