Great tool to read news from around your area and the world.

Submitted 9 years ago
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As a working journalist and a teacher. Twitter is absolutely excellent for teaching current events. In this fast pace world, it gives students that instantaneous rush that they crave. And the content can be adapted to any and all learners. For example a Special Needs student can follow the programs and activities tailor-made for them. I just love teaching them what this avenue of Social Media can bring to their lives.

How I Use It

As I stated above it can be tailor-made to the Gifted and Talented, and the Special Needs student. It gives them power, especially when they engage with something or someone they are fond of.

My students love to follow me on Twitter. They find it fascinating that one their teacher is a world class journalist but that I would let them follow me and follow them back. They love seeing all of the celebrities, important people as they say, who follow me. Real world gives life for them credibility. That's what this medium brings to the classroom.