Connecting with students outside of school!

Submitted 9 years ago
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I have started a twitter student/teacher account this year. I LOVE it. We have four day school weeks so I have the ability to remind my students of things outside of school. They know I have a twitter and it's a public domain so I post things, and they can see it, but don't necessarily have to give me their information. Some students follow me, but others just check it.

How I Use It

I repost word of the days for Spanish students. I also post assignments or activities that are due for Spanish class. I will some times post pictures for parents to see what their students are doing in my class or on field trips. This is in accordance with the rules that have been set up by the school. I think that this product has enhanced my teaching, and has allowed me to communicate more with students outside of class. It helps me send reminders out to the students and will help get things get turned in. Most have Twitter, but those who don't are usually reminded by those who do. Occasionally, some won't see it, but it's great to reach a large majority.

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