This is my favorite form on PD, teacher collaboration, and communication with parents, co-workers, and the communiity.

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I think the possibilities for student use are vast. I love Twitter for my own PD and PLC. As a teacher, my life is always busy and I often feel overwhelmed. The support, information, and strategies I've gotten from Twitter in the last 6 months has been amazing.

How I Use It

I use Twitter to share information and celebrations with my student council students and parents. It is faster and at times more easily accessible than email. I also use it for collaboration with educators within my district as well as across the country. During professional development sessions or conferences, I am able to follow a backchannel and comment with others during and after the sessions to deepen my understanding, share resources in moments, ask questions, and share opinions. For me, it is much more productive than taking notes. I have also made some great connections with other educators.