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Pros: Students will enjoy the online exhibits and activities; teachers will find classroom-ready lessons that support learning.

Cons: Some lessons may need to be adapted to improve accessibility for students with special needs.

Bottom Line: Materials and activities support a thorough study of World War II, making this a valuable resource for both teachers and students.

Educators can use resources on the National WWII Museum site in many ways. It's best to take some time to explore all of the site's materials and offerings. An entire unit can be created with the lessons and activities provided, or teachers could pick and choose a few lessons to supplement an existing WWII unit.

If you're assigning a WWII research paper, be sure to include the site's Research Starters section as a resource for your students. Be sure to offer your students in-class time to explore the site. They'll be able to see short overviews of the content, access primary sources, and find links to other recommended sources. They can freely explore all of these resources, or give them some guidelines to focus their experience on specific learning objectives.

The National World War II Museum's website provides educators and students with an abundance of learning materials on the war. Under the site's Learn tab, users will find a series of well-organized resources that allow students and teachers to dive into an extensive study. Students can simply read about the war or access the Kids Corner for related interactive games and research assignments. Guidelines on how to conduct an oral history interview are provided, as are research starters on a variety of topics related to the war.

For students who want to extend their learning, there's information about a student essay contest and opportunities for student travel. For teachers, the site offers detailed, standards-aligned lesson plans that include procedures and materials. In addition to the history content, interdisciplinary resources are provided for students and teachers on Victory Gardens and the Science and Technology of WWII. 

The online National World War II Museum is the place to go to find meaningful and engaging resources for exploring the history of World War II. The site's teaching materials are up to date and classroom-ready. Lesson plans go beyond simply learning the facts by also encouraging the development of critical-thinking and literacy skills. For example, in a lesson on D-Day, students read an excerpt of a soldier’s diary to learn about the event and then analyze the value of using a diary as a primary source for historical research.

Student-facing content is accessible for many types of learners, though more accessibility for those with special needs would help the materials reach more kids. Nevertheless, the topics covered are likely be of interest to students as they study the war's history. The site provides multiple options for student engagement, with activities that range from reading about the war to playing interactive games, conducting an oral history, or planting a school victory garden.

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Thoughtful lessons and interactive activities will engage students in fascinating topics related to World War II. The site offers many interesting ways to explore the history and long-term impact of the war.


The lesson plans are grade level appropriate and standards aligned -- many include a variety of instructional strategies. The site's student-facing activities support independent work and exploration.


Resources include all necessary materials for classroom use, and the museum can be contacted with questions. Directions for student activities are clear and easy to follow. 

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Online Field Trip

This WWII resource is definitely one of the best there is because of the vast amount of information that it offers. I really appreciate the fact that it incorporates other subjects like science into the lessons. My favorite part is that the exhibits are set up like a real museum. I feel like a tour guide when I use this site with my kids. Obviously, the students would much rather be on an actual field trip. However, this site is the next best thing!

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