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My Grades 10, 11, 12
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I teach high school World History and Psychology in Castro Valley, California. Along with my teaching responsibilities, I have held a variety of leadership roles over my twenty-year teaching career, including department chair, district Social Studies mentor, Digital High School coordinator, WASC coordinator, Leadership Council facilitator, and master teacher. I believe that technology is a valuable tool in meeting the needs of diverse learners in the classroom (ELL, resource, high achievers, etc.), and am always looking for new ways to engage an ever-changing student population.

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National Museum of African American History and Culture
Powerful stories and media centralize African-American history
Common Sense Says 4
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Beyond the Bubble
Top-quality assessments challenge students to think like historians
Common Sense Says 5
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Browser extensions add layer of annotation and discussion to the web
Common Sense Says 3
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Dreamdo Schools
Sleek project-based learning platform encourages global connections
Common Sense Says 4
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
American Social History Project
Deep, research-backed resources highlight America's rich diversity
Common Sense Says 4
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Today's Document
Simple, slightly buggy app serves up primary documents
Common Sense Says 2
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
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