Online Field Trip

Submitted 7 years ago
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This WWII resource is definitely one of the best there is because of the vast amount of information that it offers. I really appreciate the fact that it incorporates other subjects like science into the lessons. My favorite part is that the exhibits are set up like a real museum. I feel like a tour guide when I use this site with my kids. Obviously, the students would much rather be on an actual field trip. However, this site is the next best thing!

How I Use It

This is a great resource for World War II materials. There is plenty of information and it gives further applications for WWII. As social studies teachers we loved to take our kids on countless number of field trips to see so much history around the country. However, the funds are not always available. I use this site to take an online field trip of WWII. After teaching the subject matter we use this site to look at pictures, timelines, listen to audio, etc. to enhance our views of WWII. I try to give them the field trip experience in the classroom.