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Online Field Trip

This WWII resource is definitely one of the best there is because of the vast amount of information that it offers. I really appreciate the fact that it incorporates other subjects like science into the lessons. My favorite part is that the exhibits are set up like a real museum. I feel like a tour guide when I use this site with my kids. Obviously, the students would much rather be on an actual field trip. However, this site is the next best thing!
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Great site for exploration of the science and inventions from WWII that continue to impact us today.

I feel that it is a wonderful website to teach students about the science and technology of WWII. It offers lesson plans that are math and science oriented and help students understand the technologies. There are links to further resources and topics for research. If you want an overview of the war and the battle strategies involved this isn't your site. If you want to teach your students about the science and technology behind the war then you will be pleased!
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Great lesson on propaganda posters

Overall, I would recommend doing this lesson in class. It covers the topic of propaganda very well. Some suggestions for extension activities or applications for modern day propaganda would be helpful.
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