A great website that helps student understand difficult material

Submitted 10 years ago
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Schmoop is a website that is full of resources to help students understand difficult material. There is also plenty of practice tests, learning guides, and teacher resources. The layout and navigation on the sites makes it easy to find information. From Shakespeare to Doctor Seuss this website breaks down literature with character analysis,summaries, and even quotes. If a student has trouble understanding literature this is the site to visit! It really helps provide a basic understanding and makes even Shakespeare easier to read. I would not recommend the math portions of the site. The explanations about math function are too long and although there are visual examples there is not enough base information to feel ready for the practice sessions.

How I Use It

This site is best use as a resource to understand difficult literature. When students were asked to read Shakespears "MacBeth" Schmoop was recommended to review after students read each chapter. It was also used as a resource to understand characters and the true meaning of a story. Students can also use Schmoop to reinforce their understanding of what the have read.