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Fun supplemental tool to enhance lesson topics

The videos are short and summarize topics - great supplemental tool to incorporate into teaching but serve more as a means to vary instruction vs. teach content.
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Videos are engaging and hook students immediately!

My overall opinion of Shmoop is favorable. Using their videos to introduce or wrap up a topic or concept helps me switch up the way I teach and deliver my lessons. The Shmoop videos seem to get me in a more creative mood when designing my lessons. I want the rest of the unit of study to hold their attention the way the video did. A draw back of Shmoop is not always finding a video suitable to what you will be teaching.
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Videos are great for flipped classrooms or for introducing a concept.

The videos are attention grabbing and short enough to not bog down a student with too much information at one time. Sometimes the presentations are presented in such a way that might lead students to believe that is the only way or the only interpretation. This could limit a students ability to think outside of the box or try something new and innovative.
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A fluent site to help and engage everyone

I think it's great overall. I have told kids to get fond with that site more than the classics of sparknotes, etc. It offers all fields in math, science, english, social studies, gives great summary and analysis that every kid can understand, has tests and quizzes to support, and a ton of other things. Some teachers may dislike the occasional crude or risque comments or jokes, but I teach seniors, so it's generally pretty informal and they can handle a wide range of topics.
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Shmoop has got it all!

I love Shmoop, I have used it for years with high school freshmen and I highly recommend it for all content areas.
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Great site with a number of tools to help with learning!

Overall I felt this was an excellent tool to use in and out of the classroom. I liked how there were videos to help the students who are visual learners as well as practice problems that are graded immediately so the students are offered immediate feedback and can figure out what they are doing wrong to correct the error instead of repeating it over and over again. It really offers a wide variety of topics. It was a little difficult to navigate at first but once you know your way around the site it gets easier. The only downfall of this site is that it does cost money to get all of the material. Teachers are on a budget but I would invest in this site for sure as I think the return on this would be tenfold!
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A great website that helps student understand difficult material

Schmoop is a website that is full of resources to help students understand difficult material. There is also plenty of practice tests, learning guides, and teacher resources. The layout and navigation on the sites makes it easy to find information. From Shakespeare to Doctor Seuss this website breaks down literature with character analysis,summaries, and even quotes. If a student has trouble understanding literature this is the site to visit! It really helps provide a basic understanding and makes even Shakespeare easier to read. I would not recommend the math portions of the site. The explanations about math function are too long and although there are visual examples there is not enough base information to feel ready for the practice sessions.
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Listen Up, Teachers! Schmoop Speaks Student

Is this a joke? This may be the first question that you ask when you first take a look at the cartoons and flashy colors of the Schmoop homepage. Beyond the attention grabbing teen friendly tag lines and flashy graphics, Schmoop is full of well designed and thoughtfully articulated explanations and activities for everything from Civics to Pre-Algebra. Their Essay Lab is incredibly helpful for junior high and high school students because the tools are designed to help students connect to the writing process. Combining examples from pop-culture and teen friendly language in no way lessens the quality and accuracy of the learning tools available in Schmoop! The video library and novel guides give well balanced and entertaining explanations, and it is great to see students relax and enjoy the humorous bells and whistles that make Schmoop a real winner with teens.
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