Videos are great for flipped classrooms or for introducing a concept.

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Rae O.
Rae O.
Co-Director UC Merced Writing Project
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The videos are attention grabbing and short enough to not bog down a student with too much information at one time. Sometimes the presentations are presented in such a way that might lead students to believe that is the only way or the only interpretation. This could limit a students ability to think outside of the box or try something new and innovative.

How I Use It

I often use one of the videos to review a concept on which I want students to focus. If the concept deals with writing, I use the videos to introduce a revision activity culminating with students revising their writing or a portion of their writing. There are a variety of videos that help students become better writers by giving attention to syntax. Videos are also good to assign as homework, or to use in a flipped classroom. Students can get the basic information before coming to class and then work with that information with a partner or small groups and the teacher can monitor student work as it is being done clarifying anything students do not understand. The video summaries of some of the classics are great to introduce a text or conclude the study of a text.

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