Teen inspired, nonbiased take on sex, relationships, gender identity

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This website is not for the conservative individual. Content is geared toward older teens 14-18. As education moves toward teaching abstinence, along with the concept of safe sex, if that is your choice, and fostering gender identity as a free choice, this website offers unbiased coverage and resources. It is a combination of teen submitted stories and site created resources (such as the "Condom Game") and a mash-up of other web content and outside resources including videos. It is a great place for students to independently explore a variety of topics such as your body, birth control, HIV/AIDS & STDs, LGBTQ, pregnancy, abuse and violence, relationships and sex.

How I Use It

I have utilized this resource sparingly within the classroom. I do encourage students to show the website to their parents and encourage them to ask questions as they explore. Many of my students have expressed interest in the individual stories written by teens. Readability score was measured at 5th grade reading level which makes this site accessible to ELL students. Videos were also a big hit, however it is important to note that for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population, captioning is limited. Overall, this website provides great coverage of "points of view" which can be great discussion starters for topics taught in Health Education at the High School level.

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