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Great breadth and depth of knowledge. Accessible, honest.

I would use this instead of other sources such as Kids Health. Sex, Etc. allows students to have an unbiased source of sex ed information. I love the "state by state" breakdown of Sex Rights and resources for students. Lots of information that students could be afraid to ask adults or each other. Powerful tool for the birth control brochure project in my 9th grade class.
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Great resource for teens that is serious, factual, and not glamorized like some other sites.

This is a great tool to use with teenagers. I really like the correct terminology that is used. I also like the stories that students can read about other teens. The videos are a little cheesy at times, but they break the ice on a touchy subject. The website is really great for research purposes and just letting students explore on their own.
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Straight forward, accurate, scientific info with a diverse and inclusive perspective.

Great website for students to get accurate, relevant information. Tells it like it is with an emphasis in all the necessary areas.
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Teen inspired, nonbiased take on sex, relationships, gender identity

This website is not for the conservative individual. Content is geared toward older teens 14-18. As education moves toward teaching abstinence, along with the concept of safe sex, if that is your choice, and fostering gender identity as a free choice, this website offers unbiased coverage and resources. It is a combination of teen submitted stories and site created resources (such as the "Condom Game") and a mash-up of other web content and outside resources including videos. It is a great place for students to independently explore a variety of topics such as your body, birth control, HIV/AIDS & STDs, LGBTQ, pregnancy, abuse and violence, relationships and sex.
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