Great tool to support music learning!

Submitted 2 years ago
Cherish W.
Cherish W.
Prince George's County Public Schools
Upper Marlboro MD, US
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My Take

I really love Quaver and I believe it is a very beneficial teaching tool for the music classroom. I love how organized the lessons are and how they each go flow into the next one lesson. The videos are very engaging and teach a lot of information in creative ways. The only thing my students are big fans of are how the older students songs sound childish for their age. Overall, Quaver and amazing and I plan to continue to use it and recommend it.

How I Use It

I use Quaver to support myself when teaching my county's music curriculum. I teach the lessons in the order that they are presented. The students really love the different learning videos and the interactive activities like Wic-Wac-Woe, Quaver's Choo Choo Train, and Jeopardy. My students learn the material very fast and are able to regurgitate the information.