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Pros: With a well-designed curriculum, this site uses a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to teaching SEL skills to young students.

Cons: The program doesn’t collect individual student responses; assessment is limited to teacher observation.

Bottom Line: Fun for students, easy for teachers, QuaverSEL uses the power of music to boost social and emotional learning.

QuaverSEL is designed for busy teachers. You can hit the ground running with a helpful "getting started" video and premade lessons. QuaverSEL is a complete year-long curriculum and can be delivered in weekly 30- to 45-minute lessons, either in homeroom or a character education enrichment class. You can also use one five- to 10-minute activity at a time for morning meetings, circle time, or brain breaks. Teachers can share customized lessons with other teachers in their school or district. Counselors can create or modify content for a particular school or grade level and then easily share it with classroom teachers. QuaverSEL offers professional development opportunities, plus weekly blog posts, newsletters, and an active Twitter feed to help teachers make the most of their product.

QuaverSEL is an interactive online social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. Quaver uses music, movement, and highly engaging visual presentations to connect with students and teach SEL skills. There are over 250 lessons for grades pre-K-5, and new content is added monthly. The curriculum addresses all core competencies defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), covering the five basic SEL skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. All presentations are customizable, and teachers and districts can develop their own lessons using premade or original content. 

QuaverSEL is designed to appeal to teachers and students. Teachers will appreciate built-in annotation tools and widgets like on-screen timers and screen shades. Games and activities can be played on an interactive whiteboard or shared with student screens using a QR code or URL. There are printables that accompany most lessons, plus assessment rubrics for evaluating student skills. Music is an integral piece of each lesson, and students will enjoy a variety of music styles, from original songs to classic children's tunes to hits by Dolly Parton and Pharrell Williams. QuaverSEL also makes a point to represent a variety of skin tones, cultures, and interests in the music videos and presentations so that all students can see themselves and connect to the content.

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Catchy songs, interactive activities, and diverse characters engage students in important discussions without feeling heavy.


This comprehensive curriculum is highly structured yet completely flexible to help teachers successfully integrate SEL skills into their classrooms.


QuaverSEL offers strong curricular and technical support to teachers. Lessons are designed to support a variety of learning needs.

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Melissa Powers
Melissa Powers School Library and Technology Specialist

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Great tool to support music learning!

I really love Quaver and I believe it is a very beneficial teaching tool for the music classroom. I love how organized the lessons are and how they each go flow into the next one lesson. The videos are very engaging and teach a lot of information in creative ways. The only thing my students are big fans of are how the older students songs sound childish for their age. Overall, Quaver and amazing and I plan to continue to use it and recommend it.

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