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Great tool to support music learning!

I really love Quaver and I believe it is a very beneficial teaching tool for the music classroom. I love how organized the lessons are and how they each go flow into the next one lesson. The videos are very engaging and teach a lot of information in creative ways. The only thing my students are big fans of are how the older students songs sound childish for their age. Overall, Quaver and amazing and I plan to continue to use it and recommend it.
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Students LOVE Quaver SEL Materials, Teachers LOVE how students respond.

I LOVE how much is used as a tool to help students as they are learning to be more emotionally intelligent and caring individuals. Students from very difficult life situations are able to confront and deal with some things that are pretty tough. They are also some of the most excited to come in and request songs! I can’t wait for more resources from QuaverEd!
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Quaver SEL is an incredible tool to teach children about social emotional education. The lesson plans are beautifully laid out. The songs are catchy and top notch- and this is coming from a music educator! The content is very well thought out.

The one thing I'd like to see is more content and have it connected to the music curriculum- but that is just as the music teacher speaking.
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Great way to help students learn more about themselves and have fun learning at the same time!

This has been an awesome resource, especially for special needs students who come with the regular classes. Students who are normally very disruptive are able to verbalize their needs and feelings. I have tried other strategies before, but QuaverSEL reaches the students in ways I've never been able to do before. Autistic spectrum students are singing along and verbalizing with me now, since I've been using QuaverSEL. Counselors as well as elementary music teachers can all benefit from using this amazing resource! I highly recommend it!
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