Students LOVE Quaver SEL Materials, Teachers LOVE how students respond.

Submitted 3 years ago
Kate P.
Kate P.
Cabool Elementary School
Cabool MO, US
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My Take

I LOVE how much is used as a tool to help students as they are learning to be more emotionally intelligent and caring individuals. Students from very difficult life situations are able to confront and deal with some things that are pretty tough. They are also some of the most excited to come in and request songs!
I can’t wait for more resources from QuaverEd!

How I Use It

Many students in my rural community are dealing with BIG problems. QuaverSEL is a fantastic resource to help students positively build on their social and emotional needs as well as reading into the needs of others. Students learn to be more emotionally intelligent with themselves and their peers. It is very common anymore to have kids that are very emotionally shut off and Quaver SEL helps us start the important community building conversations in a safe classroom environment.

My students have responded well to every activity that we have done from Quaver SEL. They especially love the music. They love You-Nique, Tell a Grown Up, Believe in Yourself, and Think Before you Speak are frequently requested in my classroom.