Quaver SEL is an incredible tool to teach children about social emotional education. The lesson plans are beautifully laid out. The songs are catchy and top notch- and this is coming from a music educator! The content is very well thought out.

Submitted 3 years ago
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The one thing I'd like to see is more content and have it connected to the music curriculum- but that is just as the music teacher speaking.

How I Use It

The best part of Quaver is the customization. I am able to take what I like/want on any given day and create a lesson just with that content. Of course I can use the lessons that they provide but I love being able to create lessons based on the needs of any particular class. The other thing that sets them apart from any SEL curriculum is the music. Kids learn so much through music. You can convey things through music that you can't through paper and pen or a teacher driven lesson. The team put many hours and work into the songs. You can see and hear the effort put into this curriculum!